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Çesme Residences, Çesme, Turkey

Monday 11 Jan 2010

More tourism, less culture?

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Award Entry

EAA’s 7800 Çesme Residences tries not to take the limelight from its landscape or culture 

Due to growth in local tourism Çesme summer population has increased largely in the last decades. Eaa architects was concerned of loss of cultural identity and designed Çesme 7800 to be as inconspicuous to the landscape as possible. This unpredictable growth, inevitability transforms both the sociological and physical setting in The Çesme 7800 project was developed throughout a design tendency which sees the increase as problematic on the new identities

The main mass of the project has been made closer to the border of the road, so that the frontal large beach and the natural environment has left as undisturbed as possible. The linear block of 5 stories, has been transformed on both sides by an internal street on which both vertical and horizontal circulation is organized.

Two different blind systems were designed in order to prevent the north and the south facades that constitute the units’ point of view, from sunlight and wind. Both of these systems, are made as simple as possible, became the most important elements of the exterior perception.

The units are located gradually on top of each other in the section to create large garden terraces on both sides. The idea of making the building subtle and uninterfering of the landscape by using these gardens was considered on from the outset of the project. Instead of a conventional planning tendency on the interiors of the units, a quite transparent and flowing space was thought.

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EAA-Emre Arolat Architects

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