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Pulsar Light of Cambridge Ltd. UK - ChromaBatten 300/200/100 TriColour, United Kingdom

Wednesday 23 Dec 2009

No shadows to hide in here

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Award Entry

Super-high-power LED Battens featuring TriColour LED Technology and rated at 170 Watts per metre 

ChromaBatten is part of Pulsar extensive range of UK Manufactured LED fixtures that utilise the latest TriColour (TC) LED Technology that eliminates multi-coloured shadows and colour mixes within the fixture to produce a visually pleasing homogeneous output. Upon selecting warm white for example, this is the colour that is seen when looking into the fixture.

Technology is a major step forward for LED lighting fixtures as it moves away from the traditional coloured “dots” associated with traditional RGB LED techniques allowing for colour controlled fixtures to be integrated into décor seamlessly. When a Pulsar TC fixtures is set a particular static light output colour of your choice, that’s the colour you see, only!

ChromaBatten 300/200/100 fixtures are designed to produce linear illumination for large scale applications giving unparalleled light output of 170 Watts per metre that can enhance architectural and entertainment applications. Providing an unlimited colour palette that can enhance building facades, water features, monuments, atriums and to provide stunning backdrops of colour.

Other Features:

TriColour LEDs with 256 levels of Red, Green, and Royal Blue individually controllable, giving 16.7 million colours, all pre-mixed within the fixture.

The ChromaBatten can optionally be configured as three sub-fixtures.

Continuous, smooth current through the LEDs giving flicker-free, soothing light.

Advance thermal management techniques giving rise to long LED life expectancy of 25,000 hours at full power white, increasing to 100,000 hours in typical use.

Built-in Worldwide Power Supply and Controller with two Sequence Generators allows for either DMX remote control or standalone use.

Waterproof to IP65 and so suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.

A variety of lens options provide different beam angles.

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