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Meyer - Interlocking Block System, United States

Wednesday 23 Dec 2009

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A mortarless alternative to standard concrete block construction 

The Meyer Lok Block can be installed in less time (approximately 50% of the time required for standard CMU’s) using un-skilled labour to install it, creating a significant savings to the building owner.

There are three main components to the Meyer Lok-Block system: line block, male corner and the female corner.

Installation of Meyer Lok-Block:

After you have placed your footings, it is time to mortar your first course of block to the footing. This is done to level the block.
NOTE: It is crucial that the first course be square and level.

When laying your courses all the male ends will be running in the same direction.

The next course the male end will be run in the opposite direction from the previous course. This pattern will continue until you reach the last course.

When reaching your top course you’ll stay with the direction of the pattern you’re running, but the block will be turned upside down. This will provide a flat surface to receive the sill plate.
Note: When reversing the direction of block for each alternating row the corner blocks must be turned over maintaining male corners at male corners and female corners at female corners.

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Meyer Lok Block

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