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Monodraught Ltd - Cool-phase, United Kingdom

Wednesday 23 Dec 2009

Cooling the green way

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14/03/12 Michael, victoria
Let me start off by saying, great opportunity if....
The industry as a whole does a poor job of showing their products to the public. I 'v been a green contractor for many years and although i can understand the science behind the technology ( and we are always looking for new products that we can recommend to our clients) it is hard for the general public to get a really good understanding of what the product looks like before and after installation, what limits does it have when combining other technologies within a retrofit or new build. what products does it work well with, not with?
charts and graphs lose people, (other than scientist and board members), faster than you can say who wants to wash dishes. It would be extremely helpful if there were more information pertaining to carbon credits earned
per dollar amount spent. Better photos of completed jobs accompanied with figures on dollars saved versus dollars spent (here's where charts/graphs work)
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08/03/10 Northern Skype, Winnipeg
4kWh of thermal storage with 1kW of cooling or heat recovery and does this on an average of 40W electric power usage. I'm no mechanical engineer, so is this a game changer? Because to me, it looks like a game changer.

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Low Energy Fresh Air Ventilation, Cooling and Heat Recovery Unit 

Cool-phase provides fresh, cooling and heat recovery, but provides these without the detrimental effect usually associated with AC systems. Utilising the unique properties of a micro-encapsulated Phase Change Material (mPCM), it can provide up to 4kWh of thermal storage with 1kW of cooling or heat recovery at any one time and runs on an average of 40W of electricity. Unlike refrigerants used in AC systems, the mPCM does not deplete the ozone and does not contribute to global warming and at the end of its life the mPCM is simply composted. Constructed form recyclable material, including the PEFC plywood cover, the Cool-phase seeks to provide a green alternative to AC.

Cool-phase was originally created by the University of Nottingham as a research product and several prototype test versions were constructed, but these were similar in size to a chest freezer and utilised heat pipes. However, when Monodraught, became involved in the project we saw the potential and sought to develop the design as a commercially viable product. With the help of Ciba, we now utilise an organic paraffin based PCM to provide latent thermal storage, which not only has a greater longevity but also a greener, recyclable alternative to the salt hydrates used in the early development.

As can be seen from the supplied drawing, the Cool-phase has fitted perfectly within our reception area, renovated earlier this year. It is both aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the style of the area, but most off all provides a pleasant atmosphere for visitors to be welcomed by when they arrive.

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