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Icynene LDR50, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Tuesday 22 Dec 2009

Spray on, renewable insulation

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IcyneneLDR50 is a renewable –based ,light density open-celled flexible water blown soft foam insulation 

The project to which this specification relates is the retrofit of a 1980’s timber frame solar house. The challenge was to reuse the existing timber frame, constructing a new first floor level and partial new roof whilst achieving a high level of insulation and air tightness. The nature and form of the existing construction precludes the use of rigid insulation board. Icynene soft foam insulation was therefore specified to spray over both the new and existing frames to provide a contiguous solution. During the specification process we endeavoured to minimise global warming potential of the insulation by finding a product with water-based blowing agent and minimal Poliol content. During this time, Icynene released a revised product which is renewable based (high-yield castor oil) with the same thermal and air –tightness properties. Though the use of Icynene was deemed to be innovative in the UK market place at the start of the project, the introduction of LDR50 has allowed us to fully keep within the spirit of our eco-house retrofit. Despite the product being Canadian-made, the insulation chemical is transported at 1% of installation volume and so is favourable in terms of transport costs to other insulation types. We were then able to develop a whole series of timber frame insulation details for both the new elements and the retrofit system incorporating a single insulation solution with a single warranty. We have offset the risk of using a new product by observing installation at 2 sites and returning for periodic monitoring and quantitative feedback from the owners.

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