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31 Blair Road, Singapore, Singapore

Friday 18 Dec 2009

An innovative approach

photography by Tim Nolan 
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Award Entry

A contemporary renovation of an Art Deco style terrace house, results in an austere neutral living space 

The central concept of this project is that continuity of spaces eliminates the boundary between inside and outside, in order to create multiple relationships between diverse activities that occur in a residential realm. Austere and minimalistic with a constant analogy to industrial spaces.

The final scheme is an innovative response to the constraints of a conservation building. A traditional fa├žade embraces a contemporary way of living, that has meticulously achieved a delicate balance between the old and the new. This has created a unique and effective house design, the exterior and the modern approach to the interior has been designed in context with the surroundings. The scheme is an innovative response to the constraints of a conservation house. Conservation of properties in Singapore advocate maximum retention, sensitive restoration and careful repair

Another key constraint was that the height of the second floor was unable to be altered, to ensure that the front elevation did not change. Inventively the ceiling was raised to accommodate additional space in the roof. Creating a mezzanine space on the second floor.To resolve lighting issues within this new space, a jack roof was created to allow large amounts of light in.

A large internal courtyard bisects the house. This courtyard not only allows for the flexible inside / outside space, which encourages natural ventilation but also allows light to penetrate both sections of the house. This new intervention creates a light and a spacious feeling around the air well.

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