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National Library of Multifunctional Administrative City, Sejong, South Korea

Wednesday 02 Dec 2009

Reading into the next generation

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E-BRARY concept for future library design 

E-BRARY is short for Emotional Library. The idea behind this concept was that if the 1st & 2nd generation libraries were in analog and digital format, the libraries of the future will be in digital format but with analog characteristics, thus becoming an emotional library. Strategically, this concept is further developed through the creation of emotional form, space and experiences throughout the building.

The creation of the 4 storey, 2 basement E-BRARY will provide citizens and government personnel of Multifunctional Administrative City(Sejong) with rich contents and cultural experiences that will promote community space within the region. It will not only function as a central cultural facility but as a new urban landmark that can symbolize the Multifunctional Administrative City(Sejong). Through the unique image of the building, and through the unique location of the library, it will become a dynamic symbol and a new identity to the city of Sejong.

The purpose of the construction of the E-BRARY is to create a central urban landmark of Multifunctional Administrative City.

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Samoo Architects & Engineers

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