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Graphisoft - ArchiCAD 13 with Teamwork 2

Tuesday 01 Dec 2009

A shrinking world for design

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Multiple team members can easily collaberate on a single project. 

As CAD software has become more sophisticated in its control of design integration and quality so the flexibility to manage teams of designers has become more complex resulting in performance degradation and workflow bottlenecks. Today all design teams endure complex controls to avoid conflicts, cumbersome processes to reserve worksets, and lengthy lock-outs when synchronising work. The revolutionary ArchiCAD®13 addresses these issues by fundamentally re-thinking what is central, what is local, and how they should connect together.

GRAPHISOFT® BIM Server™ (patent pending) is a new client-server technology with innovations in both data workflow and networking. This approach to team collaboration works equally well for teams within an office, for teams spread across several offices and for teams from different firms collaborating via the internet. With these innovations:-

•     just small elements (or any part of the model ) of a design are reserved, and released, very quickly;
•     reserved elements, and their owner, are easily identified through on-screen colour coding;
•     communications between team members (to request use or confirm release of model parts) is instantaneous through an integrated messaging system;
•     changes by a designer (working anywhere) are incorporated into the master model exceptionally quickly because only changed data is updated;
•     communications failures are detected before updates are applied so safeguarding the master model against data corruption;
•     users learn the workflow conventions in less than 5 minutes so it’s very easy to introduce new team members;
•     advanced systems tools enable the CAD Manager to control model access and user privileges.

San Francisco based BAR Architects used ArchiCAD to conceive, detail and co-ordinate plans for the 33-story, 508,000 square foot, Sun City Towers complex in Kobe, Japan. Designed as accommodation for the elderly, it comprises 470 independent and 80 nursing units, with many amenities, including restaurants, lounges, library, atelier, amusement facilities, swimming pool, spa and 500-seat auditorium. BAR principal, Mark Koester, comments “A high-rise like this requires a team effort, and with collaboration improvements in ArchiCAD 13 our team of four has been able to speed along and stay current, and on deadline, as the design unfolds.”

ArchiCAD13, which also includes true 64-bit optimisation, offers users unprecedented speed and performance, enormous flexibility in team collaboration workflow, and new standards of safety for model integrity. Design anywhere, anytime, with anyone!

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