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Product of the week, United Kingdom

Monday 23 Nov 2009

Thermosolar Fence and heat pump

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24/11/09 DELFOSSE, Belgium
Good morning,

I live in Belgium and I am very interested in the Thermosolar fence for my
future house. Could you please tell me if this fence is the same product as the HAUTEC energy fence made in Germany and if the Thermosolar fence is
available in Begium and, in the case it is, through which company.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,

Denis Delfosse

My e-mail : denis291@base.be
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3-way renewable energy fence heats homes 

Electrorad is supplying a cunning way to combine three naturally occuring energy sources (solar, ground source and air source) to provide a heating solution which doubles up as a fence.

The Thermosolar fence consists of a series of absorber pipes containing a thermal fluid running one above the other. One metre height of pipe-work is positioned above the ground and one metre depth below the ground level with a 0.5m space between the surface pipes and the underground pipes. A 6 metre length of fence gives a total heat collection area of over 400 metres of absorber pipes. Each 1 metre of fence will supply 1kw ( 3414 BTU ) of heating.

The Thermosolar fence can be used in the form of a garden fence or installed close to a house wall, ideally situated south facing (northern hemisphere) to get the maximum solar gain.

On a sunny winters day, the solar gain makes a massive impact on the coefficient of performance ( COP ) by raising the fluid temperature much higher than would be achieved with ground source alone. The warmer fluid passing from the above ground pipe-work and circulating through the below ground pipe-work also returns some warmth into the ground which will store the warmth and provide warmer fluid and a higher COP on cloudy days. Even on cloudy days, there are still two renewable energy sources present - ground source and air source.

The fence requires little ground space, a trench less than one metre wide and 1.5 metres deep. It is therefore a much more simple installation with less disruption than traditional ground source.

Can be used with underfloor heating or radiators.

A COP greater than 5 ( more than 500% efficiency ) has been achieved DURING WINTER.

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