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Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad, Serbia, Yugoslavia

Tuesday 31 Jul 2007

Competition design

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16/06/09 Galix, Novi Sad
Looks awesome

Dijana Dzalto & Mirko Stanimirovic design the Museum of Contemporary Art in Serbia 

This is competition design for the new building for the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad. The special ambience of this location influenced the idea. Existing buildings were left, only to `advance` the facilities of the museum with a small intervention to preserve the heritage. But, the widening of he streets and filling of terrain helped the financial and spatial unreasonableness of such an action. Another influence was the Panon sea that once was here. Water and waves were the first association. The response to the waves were shapes with rounded edges. Rounded as small stones from the water. Carved by the water. Melted as just fallen castle made of sand on the shore. Ships on the shore. Entombed in the terrain on one side. As if the terrain had set up and made a shelter. The implosion with the nature. The biggist sculpture is a building of the museum, hidden below the hill from which there is an open sight on Danube and Novi Sad. It is 15m high and ready to cruise by sea in an imaginary direction. It preserves wavy spaces with the cyclic moving that could be blend together in one. The building of the museum has two independent buildings connected by the passarella. In the bigger building there are galleries, the central hall is wide and from it you can access to all the contents. The museum shop has been rationalized as an open space without walls. Beyond it there is an amphitheatre whose walls are made of glass which facilitate a visual communication with the rest of space. In the smaller building there are offices, apartments and research studios, and the library (in two floors) and the reading-room.

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