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Croatia Insurance Headquarters Building, Zagreb, Croatia

Saturday 31 Oct 2009

If you remember the 60's...

Neidhardt arhitekti d.o.o. , Ilica 26, Zagreb, Croatia 
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Award Entry

Croatia's first high-tech double facade atrium building acknowledges 1960's modernism 

The program for the new building required contemporary office space amounting 7,500 sq m along with commercial ground floor and the parking garage of 4,500 sq m, all to be located and integrated as a kind of addition next to the old office building at 22 Miramarska Street. The smaller old building has been historically preserved by the heritage authorities as a distinguished piece of the modern architectural proceedings in Zagreb from 1959 to 1962. The 'H type' spatial distribution of both old and new architectural mass has a meeting point at a pivotal place, architecturally defined by a linchpin form of the conical atrium space.

The exposed office facades are intelligent. Double skin is formed by 2x12 mm outer spider façade with sheets 1,875 x 3,750 mm, interim space with flour polymer-perforated roll curtains and also Venetian blinds, all automatically movable. Interim space serves also as a distribution area of office air supply ducts. The inner façade is an insulated glass curtain wall, with four windows to be opened per bay. This is the first high-tech kind of façade in the region with complex functional requirements.

Special reference has been given to the old building epoch of the 1960's; to Archigram, Cedric Price and others, and to the later metabolism proceedings as well. This has been achieved mainly by the design of five modular prefabricated sanitary utility units, produced by Euromodul d.o.o. in the city of Rijeka to be specially transported 180 km and 'plugged in' on site.

The lead architect is Professor Velimir Neidhardt, principal of Neidhardt arhitekti d.o.o. with engineering consultant subcontractors. Chief architectural collaborator is Dora Neidhardt Grubisic and contractors are Tempo d. d. and UGO Grupa d.o.o., all from Zagreb, Croatia.

Key Facts

Status concept design, design development, detailing, author´s supervision
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Neidhardt arhutekti d.o.o.

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