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Digital Media City Landmark Tower, Seoul, South Korea

Friday 23 Oct 2009

World's second tallest build starts

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02/11/09 Ian, Chicago
You posted old image of the project.


Ground broken at Digital Media City tower in South Korean capital 

At 640 m high, Digital Media City Landmark tower in Seoul, South Korea will be around 180m shorter than the Burj Dubai, but it is projected to be the second tallest building in the world when it completes in April 2015. Having broken ground this week, the SOM-designed tower costing 3.3 trillion won (€1.9billion), will now rise 133 floors in height.

The Landmark is to be the visual 'light' for what could be the most technologically advanced district in the world, Digital Media Centre (DMC) which is becoming home to over 2000 companies and 121,000 staff.

Following a masterplan which completed in 2000, DMC is being constructed on the last pocket of undeveloped land in the South Korean capital, adjacent to the World Cup Stadium used in 2002. The programme is creating a city within a city where all things digital, from music to animation to computing companies, are accommodated. The Mayor of Seoul Oh Se-hoon regards the development as a place where the possibilities are 'limitless': "We believe that Digital Media City will generate the ideas via which the full potential of digital media's application to every aspect of business, personal and community life wil be realized: a crucible of innovation.

"And it is no dream; we are building on an existing bedrock. Seoul already has a significant cluster of digital media enterprises, is the most wired city in the world, and has the human resources to realize the vision."

Commanding pride of place within the development the DMC Landmark Tower will allow its residents a vista on which to peruse the activities below and the inevitable light spectrum created by digital displays at night. As well as residences, a department store, convention centre and hotel will be incorporated within the building.

DMC's technological spine is Digital Media Street, a 1.14 km street where interactive information booths, intelligent lighting and facades will guide you through the 'city'. There is no other development like Digital Media City, which integrates the latest technology with urban ecological reserves, in the world.

Oh Se-hoon added: "(Digital Media City) will provide the world with an entire community to use as a living laboratory of tomorrow's lifestyle. It will be set in an area of riverside parkland encompassing ecological gardens, lakes, hills and streams - providing heartening evidence that 21st century urban man can co-habit with nature, to the mutual benefit of both.

"It is an exciting development; a development with a vision of the harmonious co-existence of technology and ecology, culture and commerce, investment and innovation."

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