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Milan Santamonica Church, Milan, Italy

Tuesday 06 Oct 2009

Looking to the heavens

Manfredi Nicoletti 
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16/10/09 brad, Usa
Very good design....amazing with high spiritual idea
13/10/09 Peter Hancock, Maseru
Abstract, dynamic, curvilinear, cosmic. Telescopic.
13/10/09 Lisa Capes, Auckland New Zealand
Absolutely beautiful.
13/10/09 JP, Van
Does Jesus play tennis?
07/10/09 alex, albania
i thing that the gravity is going to pull in the way og God .,so the church is going to tell people that the Jesus is loking us ...
spectaculary idea ... great job Nicoletti


Spectacular new church intended to symbolize the arched vault of the heavens 

Manfredi Nicoletti has presented this dramatic design for a church to act as the central structure in the new 2000 home satellite district of Segrate Santamonica, located in the north east axis of Milan, due for completion in 2013.

The structures of the church rise like the petals of a flower opening towards the sky and create an envelope which encloses an internal void for meditation and prayer.

Contemporary church architecture is all about the dramatic play of light and shadow, and creating spaces that speak to the landscapes and skylines they occupy. The perceptual volume of the church is directly influenced by natural light since the zenith light and the glazed skylights between the successive shells are continually responsive to the changing pattern of light and shadow as the sun moves across its trajectory. According to the season, the weather, and the time of day, light is variously graduated down the inner surface of the shells thereby imparting to the church, the chapel and the baptismal fount a particular character.

The interior of the church was intended to symbolize the arched vault of the heavens. The complex has a strong abstract image alluding to the transcendent message that will be realized through architecture. As a result finishing materials have been chosen to ensure the achievement of smooth surfaces, glass and white concrete have been used to this effect.

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Status planning
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Manfredi Nicoletti

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