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Monday 05 Oct 2009

ArchiCAD® - Building Information Modelling (BIM)

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28/12/09 Brian Wilson, Pretoria
Forget the sales talk!
Try it... I mean: Really try it!
I found it to be much easier and more powerful than the rest.
No product is perfect, but Archicad is the closest.
22/10/09 redworks, lagos
have been following archicads progress..............i guess GS 13 still lacks modelling and freeform archietcture..................and extra egde for revit.
but when it comes to workflow............................GS archicad 13 is king
12/10/09 El-Viz, Oslo
This is the kind of articles you need,Mike! Autodesk has a huge marketing force, that makes it difficult to see what the smaller software companys are dooing. I remember what Autodesk said about Revit before they bought Revit.
Try ArchiCAD, and you will want to switch :-) As I did...
10/10/09 Ifeyinwa Onyeagwara, Abuja, Nigeria
ArchiCAD 13 is Hot!!! Go ahead People....Its wonderful.
07/10/09 Mike, Gotham City
Pretty tired of these articles, pure salespitches. However I am an early revit user and I can now say that with this teamwork stuff I am realy gonna evaluate archicad. There is too much going on in revit that just doesn´t fit my workflow....


"There is simply nothing as fast and stable on the market." 

Another quantum leap in technology innovation by Graphisoft® has enhanced further the reputation of its best in class Building Information Modelling (BIM) solution, ArchiCAD®. Over 25 years ago, ArchiCAD was launched as the first BIM tool for Built Environment professionals and now, with over 1 million completed projects, accounts for over half of the BIM licenses sold worldwide. Recently Graphisoft announced the latest release - ArchiCAD 13. The impressive list of productivity improvements in ArchiCAD 13 includes 64-bit support on the PC platform which, combined with Multiprocessor support, makes ArchiCAD 13 the most powerful BIM solution - today there is simply nothing as fast and stable on the market. However the power of ArchiCAD 13 is not the reason it has been selected for Product of the Week.

ArchiCAD 13 completely revolutionizes the workflow of how teams can collaborate on BIM designs. Introducing an entirely new approach to BIM collaboration the Teamwork™ solution in ArchiCAD 13 is an industry first and already has been highly acclaimed by industry analysts and customers worldwide. Providing tremendous flexibility and stunning performance, and coupled with superb safety features, the new Teamwork enables team members to work collaboratively regardless of where they are. Whether you are sitting next to a colleague in the office, or you are in some far away location, you can all work together quickly and easily to win bids or develop projects. The GRAPHISOFT Delta Server technology (patent pending) that sits at the heart of the Teamwork solution reduces network traffic to a minimum thereby ensuring instant and reliable data-exchange both within the office and over the Internet. So even if you work by yourself you can continue to work safely when you’re away from the office, updating the main model – not a module or xref.

As leading market analyst Jerry Laiserin comments: “In today’s challenging global design and construction environment, no user or firm can afford to ignore any tool that delivers real competitive advantage. The possibility that Graphisoft’s Teamwork may prove a sustainable competitive advantage for several years makes an even more compelling case for any design firm or project team considering or attempting the BIM and/or IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) approaches to (re-)evaluate their choice of model-authoring tool for BIM/IPD.”

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