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Sunshine Canyon Residence, Boulder, Colorado, United States

Wednesday 02 Jul 2014

From the ashes...

Photographs: Jeremy Bittermann 
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08/07/14 J Gyory, Winchester MA
This article would be more interesting if it explained how the new house has been built to resist succumbing to the same fate-- otherwise it is destined to be just firewood.


Couple who lost home to forest fire return to burn zone to complete new residence 

The Sunshine Canyon Residence in Boulder, Colorado was designed by THA Architecture for a couple who lost their home during a forest fire three years ago. Instead of relocating to what some may consider a ‘safer’ region, the couple decided to construct their new home within the burn zone.

Their new abode has now been completed on a steep slope in an area that was affected by the same fire that destroyed their previous residence. Due to the elevated location of the site, the architects were able to harness glorious views across the surrounding mountains and have orientated the home so that the residents can enjoy these views from most points within the house.

The residence appears to float above the rocky terrain, supported by a series of slender columns giving it a weightless quality. Due to the horizontality of the form and material selection by THA Architecture, the home slots into its context with minimal visual impact.

An entrance point is located between the garage and the main bulk of the house, and the form has been skewed at both ends to ensure maximum sightlines across the impressive scenery. A sheltered terrace wraps around the exterior of the house to provide additional relaxation and entertainment space for the residents.

To the south, the Sunshine Canyon Residence sports large amounts of glazing to enable the winter sunlight to passively heat the radiant concrete mass floor. On the north side of the property, two slotted openings have been strategically located to draw light onto the floor of the main living space and into the master bedroom. 

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