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Office, Store & Shop Concrete Container, Trata, Skofja Loka, Slovenia

Tuesday 15 Sep 2009

Doing exactly as it says on the tin

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As an office, storage facility and a shop, this concrete box is a versatile space 

A rectangular box sits in an industrial plot within the historic town, Skofja Loka in Slovenia. Using a prefabricated concrete system with ready made openings on each elevation, a program of use was merged inside the volume to redefine the existing elevations. The client's company produces and merchandises safety equipment and the space was to be used with the multi-purposes of office space, storage facility and shop, as its name would suggest.

Comprised of 780 sq m, two thirds of the volume is used for storage while offices and 'lecture' space both require 150 sq m. The 'lecture' space is used as a training facility for safety etc.

The visible exterior comprises the polished concrete prefabricated shell broken up by glass, metal and polycarbonate. The project was completed at a cost of 180,000€

Key Facts

Status Complete
Value 0.18(m€)
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