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Extension of the Ars Electronica Center Linz, Linz, Austria

Tuesday 01 Sep 2009

Museum of the future

Treusch architecture Photo: Rupert Steiner 
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Award Entry

Pedestrianisation of existing center 

The main thought behind the design has been to create a sculptured building with a structure totally accessible by foot, and therefore an exciting experience within itself. The existing Ars Electronica Center and the new extension are connected to form one unit to be perceived as an ensemble. The crystal-like appearance generates a homogeneous interaction with its surroundings, at the same time becoming a distinctive landmark.

The urban concept is based on the principle of dialogue between architecture and environment with due consideration to important factors, such as preserving the view across the River Danube and protecting the surrounding historic buildings, in order to create an attractive ambience.

The generously-sized presentation & activity area – the main deck – is at the heart of the Center and provides open-air exhibition facilities. It nestles between the River Danube and the historic buildings on the one hand and the new Ars Electronica Center on the other.

Wide steps leading to the upper deck provide seating for open-air theatre and film presentations. The double glass facade, partly transparent and partly translucent, can be illuminated by LED technology installed in the space between the two layers of the façade, each element can be individually controlled, with colour and brightness/intensity infinitely variable.

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