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Masterplan for the Waterfronts, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Tuesday 01 Sep 2009

Gran Canaria gets a grand makeover

LPA (Laboratory for Planning and Architecture S.L.P.) 
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Transport and urban plans to make the most of the holiday hot-spot 

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is one of the capitals of the Canary islands (Spain). A study done by the Syracuse University in 1996, ranked Las Palmas as the city with the best climate of the world. The waterfront of the city has 40 km long, most of them occupied by harbour’s infrastructures and a heavy highway.

The Project aims to set up a new model for mobility. It incorporates two complementary systems: one so-called Functional (Heavy) and other one so-called Playful (Light). The Functional System includes an existing bypass and the main roads and streets of the city. The Playful System gives priority to alternative modes of transports like bicycles, light trains and pedestrian’s pathways. Also included is a water-taxi, that works as a maritime alternative to the proposed terrestrial options. In the intersection of the two systems are placed the transport nodes which permit the migration from one system to another.

Water front platforms result out of the crossing of two Corridors: one Natural and another Urban. Urban Corridors are city continuities with certain functional, commercial or administrative relevance. Natural Corridors are the existing valleys that cross the city in the direction of the sea. The geometry of each platform allows the “domestication” of the waterfront and it gives the option of setting small marinas, natural pools and beaches for the enjoyment of the nearby neighbourhoods.

Each platform accommodates a park equipped with public facilities. They are nicknamed Starfish parks due to their similar shape. The resulting geometry combines in a fluent space with public facilities (Libraries, museums…), nodes (stations, parking…) and open spaces (parks, outdoor auditoriums…).

A waterfront avenue connects the ten resulting Starfish-Parks. The plan is organized into three bands: an Urban Boulevard, an Eco-Park and a Maritime Walk.

The project aims to utilise the sub-tropical condition for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, exploiting the urban possibilities of good weather and the current massive demands for enjoyment of the waterfront of the City.

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