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The Cultural Park of the Hellenic Cosmos (CPHC), Athens, Greece

Monday 31 Aug 2009

Reinventing cultural Athens

copyright: Anamorphosis Architects, 2009 
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Award Entry

Cultural park will bring new centre for Athens arts and education 

CPHC consist of an area of 60,000 sq m in the heart of Athens. It comprises three major built-complexes of educational, cultural and recreational use, in one integrated thematic whole. The CPHC is planned to become a new cultural centre in Athens, of national and international appeal, a new agglomeration-pole as a result of its programme and architectural design centered around Greek history, mythology, and landscape.

The general design concept is based on contemporary instrumental understanding of history and myth as a morphic logic, active and inspirational in everyday life, capable of generating new and real spatial contextualisations. Yet, the way in which Greek history and mythology are interwoven with certain characteristic landscape features and structures, is conceived as an instumental morphic paradigm and major principle for design, from masterplan to detail.

Design obliterates the boundaries between architectural and urban scale, landscape and building, natural and artificial, past and present... and integrates them into one. Designed space comes to play a major educational and communicational role, and to inspire the creation of new kinds of programmes and activities.

The three major complexes are: the Exhibition and Research Centre (61,000 sq m); the Art and Education Centre for Children (24,800 sq m); and the Museum of the Hellenic World (25,100 sq m). The Route & Cave of Mythology (15,100 sq m) is a fourth prominent scheme of the CPHC that is a long peripheral journey which binds all three complexes. It is realized via land and waterscape features, and includes a number of sound and light installations.

The project is currently under construction and is due for completion in 2012.

Key Facts

Status Under Construction
Value 253(m€)
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Anamorphosis architects

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