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Masdar Plaza, Masdar, United Arab Emirates

Monday 31 Aug 2009

Oasis of the future

images by Simon Perry 
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The urban centre of Masdar, a zero-carbon, zero-waste city 

The future wellbeing of cities around the globe depends on mankind’s ability to develop and integrate sustainable technology. Masdar City is the city of the future; positioned at the forefront of integrating sustainable technology into modern architectural design.

Rome, Athens, Florence; most great historical cities have had the plaza, forum, or square at their epicentre – where the life, values, ideals, and vision of the population evolved. Equally, the centre of Masdar must be an iconic beacon that attracts global attention to sustainable technology.

Laboratory for Visionary Architecture see Masdar Plaza as “The Oasis of the Future”: a living, breathing, active, adaptive environ; stimulated by the social interaction of people, and spotlighting the use and benefits of sustainable technology.

The “Oasis of the Future” is conceived as an open spatial experience. Whereby, all features; whether hotel, conference, shopping, or leisure, offer the highest quality of indoor and outdoor comfort and interaction. As in the case of an oasis, the Plaza is the social epicentre of Masdar; opening 24-hour access to all public facilities. Interactive, heat sensitive technology activates low intensity lighting in response to pedestrian traffic and mobile phone usage.

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Laboratory for Visionary Architecture

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