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Otemae University Sakura Shukugawa Campus - Media Library CELL, Otemae, Japan

Friday 05 Jun 2009

Library of the future?

copyright: Nikken Sekkei 
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Nikken Sekkei complete new flagship model for university library 

The Media-Library Cell is the flagship model as a place to practice small-group instruction with its educational system, Unit free-choice system, based on newly established academic plan. The term “CELL” indicates the abbreviation of “Communication & e-Learning Library.” The name is adopted under the intention to respect the individual personality of each person, and generate new learning methods and collective knowledge through self-questioning and various dialogues.

This new type library developed in cooperation with the university functions as the platform which induces a variety of “consciousness and discovery” of “learning,” and works as the core of campus environmental formation which stimulates the motivation for study.

The library is located almost in the center of the campus which will extend in the future. The library designed as the “melting pot of learning” and intended to link adjacent school buildings consists of a low and wide building, and its external form is determined by the concept to leave and utilise existing trees to the most extent, and assure the maximum building area.

Due to its “visible” configuration achieved by the transparent appearance and freely accessible peripheral deck, the library function as the campus hub to “link” adjacent school buildings visually and through circulation lines. With its main function as library and a “choice enabling” configuration which allows interoperation with various rooms inside the library and arbitrary use methods, the library is intended to generate new use methods beyond conventional libraries.

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