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Gravendreef College Leidschenveen, The Hague, Netherlands

Tuesday 19 May 2009

New space for new minds

Copyright Iemke Ruige 
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Gravendreef College officially opened today in The Hague 

Today marks the completion of a brand new education facility in The Hague designed for creative minds. Built to provide service for 600 pupils in the new and developing neighbourhood of Leidschenveen, the pre-vocational Gravendreef College will provide a dedicated facility to work with the dedicated school curriculum.

Facilities such as a well equipped theatre for school musical productions, a study space with sixty computers where students can work independently, and modern practical rooms for healthcare, welfare and trade & administration will help to provide a modern study plan for the students. Further illustrating a forward-thinking approach, the school also includes day care facilities, a gym, offices and parking among other services.

As required by the urban master plan, the building had to express itself to the outside world as a single entity. A rectangular block was chosen for the layout, with a single material for the façade (bright orange brickwork) expressing the unity of the building. The fenestration is tailored to each separate function, with accents for special activities. Each function has its own entrance, with the traffic flows being separated.

While the functions of the school are separated, a centralised schoolyard unites users, as does a central atrium within the school where classrooms surround, eliminating long corridors. In the middle of the atrium, a golden ‘egg’ houses a meeting room that provides views of the rest of the school through spherical windows.

At ‘s Gravendreef College special attention is paid to creative subjects. There is a separate musical / music class for talented students and the school building itself has multiple music rooms and a stage in the auditorium for lessons and performances. The use of movable acoustic sliding wall panels allows large spaces to be subdivided giving the building a flexible nature.

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