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The Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Wednesday 20 Jun 2007

Revitalization/ renewal of ex army barracks area

First 3 images from Miroslava Andric; last 3 images from Marko Modic 
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New cultural center in Ljubljana 

The extensive restoration of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum (SEM) was completed with the client remaining in occupancy during the works. SEM is not just a house – it is an abstract view in to the contents of the past and at the same time projects the forthcoming changes of the area and the future creative tendencies. That is why it is a picture – an image, a synergy of action and events; and the more layers these representations have the more the house is near to the concept of compressed multi-information image. SEM building, in its meaning, presents the subtle borders between an open and a closed space, between a large and a minute volume, with a rule that the crossings are spaces and the spaces are at the same time crossings. If from the outside the border between new and old is strictly drawn from the inside there is a synergy of transparency. The architectural setting is quality architecture with its own hierarchy. The house is built in a unified manner of reconstructing the whole area within which the house acquires its own characteristics. All built in parts are separate divisions, measured by a unified volume, which is multiplied. All built in facades of southern part have a layered double standard clearly seen. First or smaller standard concludes the new parts form the inside, i.e. as separate facades. Whereas, the second, bigger one, with two times longer side, links the whole building in all its complexity. Central multi-storeyed hall is at the same time also the central axis of the composition of the building. Besides additional transparency, with the additional (third) vertical dimension, the central hall envisages a characteristic role of the programme of the ethnographic museum; which on account of its specific design of the building, regarding the meaning, remains eternal forever.

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