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ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Friday 08 May 2009

Changing the goal posts

First Prize Winner: Dubai Frame 
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12/05/09 TNA, Madrid
Emperor's new clothes.
12/05/09 tna, Madrid
I agree. Dubai's complete lack of any coherent plan never ceases to amaze me. The title of the "winning" scheme should be called "The Emperor's new clothes". Dubai = Disneyland/Las Vegas (delete as appropriate). If you want a city in the Middle East which takes architecture seriously, Doha is the answer. Museum of Islamic Art = best modern interpretation of Islamic culture to date. Well done Doha, grow up Dubai.
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10/05/09 Rico M, CANADA
Are you kidding me? This isn't possible! Dubai is full of emblems......like what? What do you see through this frame that can't stand up? The frame is on a northwest/southeast axis, what exactly is being framed? This is trivial stuff, to "build a void" is trite, unless of course it's made of anti-matter!

They couldn't find some architecture in 926 projects?
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10/05/09 az, toronto
This is not an " unconventional winner", this is a load of rubbish. There is no "idea" here, nor is there any architectural merit of any kind.
What a farce.
08/05/09 Ashamed, Atlanta
Please tell me this article missed it's posting deadline of April 1st. I keep waiting for the punchline.


ThyssenKrupp award winner chosen from 926 projects 

April 29 2009 saw the final Jury meeting of the ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award. Under the Presidency of Javier del Pozo Portillo, the final 62 projects were analysed and five finalists chosen. The awards are called in order to select the Architect who will be entrusted with the architectural design idea of a Tall Emblem Structure to promote the new face of Dubai located in Za'abeel Park in the centre of the city, with views over the main transport artery Sheikh Zayed Road and surrounding skyscrapers as well as other relevant areas of the city. The winning design may be built by the Dubai Municipality subject to the approval and adoption of H.H. the Ruler of Dubai.

2967 teams, with 4651 architects from 106 countries were admitted to participate in the Award. 926 projects were received by the organizers during the official reception period. During the first meeting of the Award, the Jury Members analysed all 926 projects, and approved 106 projects for the following stage. An on-line voting period was held where the architects chose their 10 preferred finalists, and from this process, 62 projects were selected. The last meeting was held on the 28th and 29th of April with the results just announced. Through successive voting processes, the number of projects was reduced to 20, then 10 and then five finalists. Following an extensive debate and analysis of the projects, the Jury decided that the last 10 projects have a merit and decided to award 5 projects as finalists:

First Prize - Dubai Frame by Fernando Donis represents an unconventional winner. Appearing as a large arch bearing down over Za'abeel Park, the project resembles the world's largest goal post. Describing the design, the architect said: "Dubai is a city full of emblems, rather than adding another one, we proposed to frame them all: to frame the city. Rather than building a massive structure, the purpose of this project is to build a void. This void of 150 meters by 105 meters will continuously frame the development of the current and future Dubai."

Second Prize - Magic Mirror by Luo Siwei. Acting as four representations: The Mirror of the City, The Mirror of Movement, The Mirror of Time and The Mirror of Water, the structure has the ability to entertain with water, snow and projected films onto water.

Third Prize - the remaining finalists were awarded joint third prize. They were The Flying colours of Dubai, Big Beam and The Mirage.

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