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YKK Healthcare Centre, Kurobe, Japan

Tuesday 05 May 2009

Making light work of recovery

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Award Entry

Japanese factory workers enjoy healthcare on site 

This small building is the health centre for employees in the main factory of a world-renowned company. It includes a clinic for internal medicine and dentistry, and a data centre for all of the employees’ health information. The building stands in a park in the factory, not as a single object standing in the open landscape but as part of the landscape.

The YKK centre is sited on the boundary between the lawn square and the future forest, where baby trees have just been planted. Therefore, the architects intended that its wall should be treated as a part of the earth. Here, an iron mesh form system is employed for the exposed concrete finishing of the wall. Naked iron mesh will dye the concrete surface with a rusty stain, and will leave the trace of time. By contrast, the roof of the building is designed as an artificial floating element. The roof plate is partially pushed up and tilted to bring light into the major spaces, and one may associate these dormers shapes with a village-scape in the forest.

The organisation of the building is clearly articulated by the nature of its L-shaped plan. As for the consultation room, architects learnt from an investigation showing a tendency that patients who stay in a room at a hospital with a view of greenery get well earlier than those who are in a room without such a view. Thus, each consultation room is set with a view of trees in the patio, defined by the wooden fence specially designed for this building, so that every patient can feel comforted by the greeneries seen beyond the doctor’s shoulder.

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