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Housing project, Tripoli, Libya

Monday 11 Jun 2007

Gated community in Tripoli

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VBM Architecten designs a gated community in Tripoli 

Contemporary approach to an expat gated community using traditional building principles instead of a environmentaly arrogant artificial paradise. Using the terrain to interweave the housing and the public fabric The housing compound is created by simple adding of row patio houses. These consist of a massive entrance and night ground floor penetrated by patios and an open day zone with terraces on the upper floor. These levels are naturally connected by the sloped terrain and additional indoor and outdoor staircases, ramps and bridges creating a desired spatial complexity. By connecting private terraces to semipublic and central areas where the pool and public facilities are located we allow for a diverse network of social interaction. A similar network is created for the car traffic on the ground floor level. Raising the day and public zone on top of the massive ground floor leaves the compound open both to the inside and outside landscape. Minimizing the use of enclosing walls we thus created a protected community still open to its surrounding. By using a combination of various native heat protection systems we tried to minimize the need for an active cooling system. The similarity of the final design to traditional local housing can be thus traced back to the specifics of the local environment.

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