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New Museum of Patra, Patra, Greece 
Thursday 02 Apr 2009
New Museum of Patra to open 
BOBOTIS architects photo by:C.Louizidis 
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as a greek-israeli architect(politechnion graduate 1971) i'm proud for your greek-designed ,beautiful -and hope ,functional - building that can stand along foreign- designed museums-such the Acropolis one!Congratulations...

Official opening of BOBOTIS architects' museum announced for mid June 09 

The assignment of the project was executed after an architectural competition that was organized by the Ministry of Culture.

A nutshell of asymmetrical prismatic volumes was designed in order to accommodate the discoveries of a past culture.

A modern composition which, through the irregular order, attempts to express the harmony of the volumes, the surfaces, the movements and circulation through the spaces where the exhibits are displayed.

An organic and functionally structured deconstruction, exempted from a static symmetry that seeks the dialogue with the environment, the visitors and the users.

The design of the building along the National road Athens - Patras, which constitutes an urban central highway, renders the museum a landmark for the area and provides easy and direct access to it. The scheme was selected specifically for its contemporary form that creates a juxtaposition with its contents and sits elegantly in the cityscape adding international modernity to Patra. The building itself aims to regenerate the area as a whole and to attract visitors from all over Greece, hence becoming a landmark to the city.

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