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Henderson Community Building, California, United States

Thursday 26 Feb 2009

Patel urges industry to ‘go green’

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03/03/09 Stephen Flickenschild, NY
The previous commenter is too quick to judge the sustainability of the project. The article does not indicate the specific details raised by the reviewer yet it appears he has already dismissed the project as non-sustainable, non-Green. I would be interested in learning more about this project and whether or not these details are incorporated into the design. Concrete will be used in buildings for years to come, so I'm happy that this architect is at least making an effort to step in the right direction for a Green design. I commend the architect for his direction and applaud the beauty of the design. The bottom line on any design is how much the client is willing/able to spend. If Green efforts were involved while meeting the expectations of the client, than the project succeeded in the eyes of the client as well as from the hands of the architect. In order to survive, an architect can only be as green as his client's budget and desire permits.
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01/03/09 Mark Genest, Edmonton
Interesting. Yet another example of an architect talking about sustainability while not really living up to the motto.

I wonder just how much concrete was used to build the structure, considering that concrete outgases when curing. The amount of custom formwork used must have been tremendous.

He talks at length about how the building blends with its surroundings, but alas, that does not a sustainable building make.

Does it generate it's own electricity, purify its own water, recycle and reclaim waste heat? Does it even have a LEED rating?

Sustainability? Looks like just another hollow shell.
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Patel illustrate sustainable design while calling for other architects to do the same 

‘Practise what you preach’ is a phrase which ‘green’ architect and Interior designer Narendra Patel projects with confidence. Upon completion of the Henderson Community Building in California, the architect has issued a message to the construction industry to follow his lead and take their ecological responsibility seriously. “There needs to be a sharp awareness towards sustainable building,” he said. “We are in this together and we all need to participate and do our part. Construction waste is one of the major components that goes into landfill. Every construction site needs to have recycling arrangements with the waste management.

“Ultimately our goal should be not to minimize waste –we want to eliminate the idea of waste.”

The Henderson Community Building functions as a worthy example of how sustainable design and construction can also be fitting architecture. Sited with mountain facing views, the Henderson Community Building is designed to form an important centerpiece for the City of Palm Desert, and present an image of modern, sophisticated, high performance and importantly, ‘green’, design.

The design integrates almost seamlessly with the surrounding topography whilst presenting a modern face for the center which is also home to the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce. Working in harmony with the natural features and resources surrounding the site, materials that are sustainably grown or recycled rather than new materials from non-renewable resources were used. All casework was designed with Bamboo facing.

The entire building shell, including the interior walls, is built from highly insulated panels covered with high strength concrete. Surfaces from floor to ceiling are kept in their raw form without the addition of paint or drywall thus limiting the use of harmful chemicals and unnecessary materials. Materials used had a high percentage of recycled content and all waste was carefully managed and sent to the recycling facilities. The building process and use of material greatly reduced CO2 emissions and used fewer natural resources.

“In time, sustainable design concepts will simply be incorporated as inherent attributes of standard practice,” says Patel. “‘Going green,’ might be the buzz phrase today but ultimately, it will become a survival skill.”

Niki May Young
News Editor

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