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Regium Waterfront - Museum of the Mediterranean, Reggio Calabria, Italy

Monday 09 Feb 2009

Zaha's cultural crusade

Zaha Hadid Architects 
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25/09/12 Piel, Paris
More like a whale or dolphin.... What relation with art or architecture?
25/01/10 Archibonarrigo, Reggio Calabria
Takes shape, the new large museum "Mediterranean" on the promenade of Reggio Calabria, whose geometry reflects, takes the form of a starfish, delivering a significant work to the city and very important, a real resource that may be. . . represent the new cultural capital of the Mediterranean basin.
05/01/10 Bonarrigo Pasquale, Reggio di Calabria
Regium Waterfront . . .
Prende forma il nuovo grande museo "mediterraneo" sul lungomare di reggio calabria, la cui geometria rispecchia, assume la forma di una stella marina, consegnando alla città un'opera significativa e molto importante, una vera e propria risorsa che potrà essere . . . rappresentare la nuova capitale culturale del bacino del mediterraneo.
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04/01/10 Pasquale Bonarrigo, reggio di Calabria
In fact, the geometry of the building is inspired by the organic shapes of starfish.
08/09/09 d.teil, berlin
common! hadid is already not designing anymore. perhaps she will have the time to have a look on the project, but that's it.
she is a business woman, that's it. tooooooooooooooooooooooooo many projects. can really not underststand her and what she is thinking of all this. wolfburg was her masterpiece, that's it.
enough zaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!
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25/02/09 dhp, jakarta
i always amaze by how she draw a concept into design / image, how things really made out into an unique form..its always an unique form..but i also wonder how hadid can really make her design even more 'stronger' more than just an unique shape of form and how this building could be more architecturally right in concept and translations, more than just a 'beatiful unique form of masses. but its always been a fun journey to watch her works.
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18/02/09 Daniel, Sofia
Actually, her designs inspire me every time. Her shapes are almost every time inspirated by the organic forms. I see the world in a similar way. The ocean is a great place where you can find inspiration.
11/02/09 L, Edinburgh
loving the symmetry....
11/02/09 Karen, edinburgh
The article notes that the building draws inspiration from the organic shapes of a starfish, please see link for further information on star fish.
10/02/09 Adam, Warsaw
Another boring Zaha Hadid design. When she will finally stop to put the same stamps everywhere?

New designs aimed at redefining Reggio Calabria as a culture capital 

Zaha Hadid Architects have revealed their designs for the Museum of the Mediterranean and a Multifunctional Building for the performing arts on the Regium Waterfront. The project aims to define the city of Reggio Calabria as a Mediterranean cultural capital through the realization of these two characteristic buildings.

The location of the site on the narrow sea strait separating continental Italy from Sicily, offers an opportunity to create two unique buildings visible from the sea and the Sicilian coast: a Museum of the Mediterranean History and a Multifunctional Building.

The form of the museum draws inspiration from the organic shapes of a starfish. The radial symmetry of this shape helps to coordinate the communication and circulation between different sections of the museum and its other facilities. The Museum of Mediterranean History will house exhibition spaces, restoration facilities, an archive, an aquarium and library. The Multifunctional Building is a composition of three separate elements that surround a partially covered piazza. The building will house the museum’s administrative offices, a gym, local craft laboratories, shops and a cinema. Three different auditoriums, which can be converted into one large space, are also housed in the Multifunctional Building.

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Zaha Hadid Architects

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