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Porsche Museum, Stuttgart, Germany

Wednesday 28 Jan 2009

The stallion of exhibition spaces

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11/02/09 Harlow, NYC
Its design is ostentatious and contemporary. Being it is a Porsche Museum the design should have reflected its style of class and simplicity. The design imitates more the attitude of Porsche owner which is not a good thing.
10/02/09 Elina Vuniduvu, Suva, Fiji Island
05/02/09 Jonah Takaluah, Sydney
03/02/09 Matthew, London
What a bunch of complainers you are!!! As if showing transportation tracks in the foreground is a bad thing? What, did some review board deny your brick contextual ARCHITECTURE again?! Again, how is the smog in the city any responsibility of the architect? Really, I would love for the publishers to publish your ARCHITECTURE side by side with this. That would be fun! Yawn....
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03/02/09 Flick, NY
I also agree with the first comment - what horrible architecture. This is to be celebrated by being published??? Is the architect's attempt to copy Bilboa and it's environment? The firms "conception of architecture" must have been started out as a poor design grade in architecture school.
03/02/09 Peter Odendaal, Swakopmund
das Eisenbahn im vordergrund!..Schade um das Umwelt !..(the railway in the foreground! .. pity for the environment! ..)( The picture of a smog filled Industrial city is disgusting)...as an architect I am appalled that the publishers can send pictures like this out to the world!
Shame on you!
03/02/09 jb, Dallas, Texas
Interesting building....but I think it is very boxy...and not very Porsche like. It is a shame that the museum for these spectacular machines does not express the essence of the Porsche design aesthetic.


Porsche Museum completes in Stuttgart 

A symbol of speed, agility, style and prestige, the Porsche is the car that every man, woman and child has dreamed about driving, even just once. Now, in Porsche's home city of Stuttgart, stands a place where all of those dreamers can drool freely - if not at the shiny speed-machines, then definitely at the monolithic car cathedral of the Porsche Museum.

Open to the public as of 31st Jan the museum, designed by Austrian firm Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, offers dramaturgy from every perspective. "The new Porsche museum represents our conception of architecture which is constantly moving in the field of interaction between buildings and their users," says Roman Delugan, co-founder of Delugan Meissl Associated Architects.

The exterior is simultaneously engaging and appropriately reflective of the stature and confidence of the brand. Textural surface alterations and varying levels and angles offer a structural complexity reflecting the manufacture of a well-oiled machine, while slashes of glazing allow the building to shine outwardly and beckon passers-by inside, further lured by a gently sloped ramp towards the entrance.

Once inside visitors are welcomed by a restaurant, museum shop and coffee bar and can view product development at work in the Classic-Workshop archive surrounding the two-level space. Taking enthusiasts towards the exhibition space is a dramatic cathedral-esque elevator space which narrows in anticipation of the abyssal exhibition space beyond. Stretching into a far-fetching gallery the collection unfolds and meanders through varying levels connected by sloping roads that visitors can steer themselves through and experience over 100 years of automotive design prowess.

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Niki May Young
News Editor

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Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

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