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City Tower, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Thursday 08 Jan 2009

This could be Rotterdam...

Image from Euromast Copyright Monolab 
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20/01/09 stan benulis AIA, hingham,ma.
I think it is great that EUROPEAN architects are interviewing DEVELOPERS about their projects. In AMERICA we do it BACKWARDS many architects wait in line to try to get an interview with DEVELOPERS about THEIR projects. I visited ROTTERDAM in 1971 when I was an architecture student and heard all the stories about ALLIED BOMBING and believed them to be true. Its NICE to see the NETHERLANDS has NIMBY problems too STAN BENULIS KFP ARCHITECTS HINGHAM MASSACHUSETTS
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15/01/09 ciceron, melbourne
As an architect and urban designer I can only say: stupidity on a massive scale
13/01/09 stumach, waitakere
ugliness at a massive scale
09/01/09 AnthonievanVliet, Lelystad
Building really tall in Rotterdam is fantastic, it's bold and the city needs it. My parents suffered the terror-bombardments of the nazi's and survived. They are in heart mind and soul Rotterdam people.

As an enigineer (materials scientist) I have a strong passion for high-rise buildings.

About this latest design.. I love the hight, but why not GOING for gold, and build the TALLEST SKYSCRAPER on earth? Take the slender breathtakingly beautiful design of Burj Dubai, or even better, the One Mile High Tower proposed by Sir Frank Lloyd Whright in the 1950ties. This marvellous design is feasable in Rotterdam, no earthquakes, no hurricanes, and a stable political/economical situation. So the Netherlands and Rotterdam are the PERFECT place to build the ultimate Tower, to surpass the 1 mile hight, and help solving the problems of the over-populated country... Going vertical in Holland is the best thing to do, it could attract tourists from the entire planet. The Dutch economy would get a massive boost, and the super-tower could be the icon of Holland and a beacon of hope in the free world! So let's start funding and building!
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Local architect pledges to stop the ‘joke’ of high-rise Rotterdam 

World War II saw the destruction of many cities around Europe and not least hit was the city of Rotterdam. While devastating on a human and financial scale this allowed the city to evolve into what is now considered as the ‘high rise city of the Netherlands’. But local architect Jan Willem van Kuilenburg, principal of Monolab Architects has derided this label as ‘a joke’ calling for an extension to the local authorities’ planned high rise zone to the south and proposes Rotterdam's first super-tower, the 450 m high City Tower.

“Rotterdam is too hesitant, too defensive and too much like an underdog. After the Erasmus bridge we are in need of a real skyscraper of European scale of which Rotterdam can be proud,” says Kuilenburg, “All currently realised towers in Rotterdam are of mediocre quality and very primitive. As we should save in prosperous periods, it makes the current economic crisis the right time to invest.”

Kuilenburg proposes City Tower as the leader in this campaign. The 450 m mixed-use tower with a photovoltaic skin would be built in the water by the Maas Harbour. According to Kuilenburg it would allow the high-rise zone to serve the whole city and help to connect Europe’s largest port to the rest of the city. The tower would be connected to land via a steel pedestrian boulevard to a separate parking lot with the capacity for 1000 cars. Kuilenburg believes this element of the project could aid the local authorities’ plans to liberate the downtown area of traffic by creating a 6th park and ride zone with its close proximity to the Metro.

Asked about the likely response from the people of Rotterdam to what would be a very bold visual landmark, Kuilenburg said: “I don’t know. In general Rotterdam people are proud of the skyline, they are energetic and ready to go for new proposals. It has always been a scene for experiment. Rotterdam was bombed in the Second World War and so new buildings emerged, since then people are used to change.” Kuilenburg is currently in talks with developers and calling for international investment for the project.

Niki May Young
News Editor

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