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Aikido Studio, Virginia, United Kingdom

Monday 14 May 2007

Aikido Studio

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Owens Architects designs the Aikido Studio in Virginia 

The Project is an Aikido Studio to be built in Virginia US. This project has a full online compliment of digital content created to communicate and refine the green design strategies that have been incorporated into the design. The digital content includes animations, simulations,3D PDF, and multimedia design studies. Digital Content made possible by BIM enable design compliments the new direction in sustainable design. The creation of a virtual environment that can simulate the built space is the next threshold to be crossed in the near future. New concepts and strategies can be limited by the designer’s ability to communicate and then provide concrete data to confirm the design theory matches the unique condition of each design challenge. The elements which are brought together to create an envelope in the real world context of the site are more possible as data bases can be obtained and linked to the design as it evolves through the design process. BIM is the base building block for this need to engage in holistic design with multi disciplines working within the same model to test the design before construction begins. This is moving toward the ability to provide the client with a data base of the virtual environment that can then be used to manage and maintain the space throughout the life of the home. This process allows the designers the freedom to move toward human needs design which tunes in well with the need for good earth stewardship, with no contribution to small. The freedom to dissect the model and economically study the design in full detail and then to create simulation from the same source is the key which offers the hope of moving toward the true organic. Digital content communicates the green design strategies and delivery of this content reaches global stake holders through fluid media outlets the links below take you to examples of these multimedia design studies.

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Owens Architects

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