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Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada

Monday 17 Nov 2008

Proud moment as Gehry goes home

© Wade Zimmerman 
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26/11/08 Cheb, Mississauga
I was there on the weekend, and the inside is breathtaking! The glass part has curved wooden ribs on the inside approximately 4 stories high. It is a long gallery with wooden sculpture housed in it. The inside is mainly wood, fir, in different textures...very canadian..very warm. There are many other architectural features inside the building as well. It's definitely worth a visit.
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20/11/08 Paul Kodje, Lagos
Sweeping change......Gehry's still in his form.
18/11/08 KeesW, Hobart
Interesting outside but what is it like inside? Does anybody care?
18/11/08 Dan, sc
Must be a sculpture gallery? do you have to wear sun glasses inside to experience without going blind? Maybe your articloe just does not do the building justice as you do not help explain want is going on but rather just report and issue a few photos. How does the plan work and where is the South? I guess it does not get to cold there? Thanks for the pictures and news anyway.
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18/11/08 Clapster, Mtl
I start to understand better what William Rees calls "the Age of Exuberance"!
18/11/08 Andreas, Copenhagen
I agree with Rob: fun form, but what about the spatial concept? Even with my best intentions I struggle to see anything other than a wacky form stuck to a plain building.
18/11/08 Rob, Winnipeg
No Interior photos? I would have been nice to see how the giant glass sail relates to the interior. I suppose that we'll have to wait for the monograph. : )


Exclusive images document a remarkable new chapter in AGO’s 108-year history 

“We’re not just opening doors, we’re opening minds”. It is with this forward thinking slogan that the Art Gallery of Ontario opened its doors after a remarkable transformation penned by Toronto- born Frank Gehry.

Launched in 2002, the transformation programme has included the major architectural extension by Gehry and the expansion of the permanent collection. As a consequence, the new AGO offers a 47 per cent increase in art viewing space welcoming visitors to 110 light-filled galleries featuring more than 4,000 new and perennial art works.

The building is surprisingly Gehry’s first commission in his native city and contains an interesting array of signature elements such as an iconic sculptural staircase emerging from Walker Court (the historic centre of the AGO), the sweeping glass-and-wood Galleria Italia extending an entire city block along Dundas Street, and the new contemporary tower with its vistas of Grange Park and of a Toronto Skyline never seen from this angle.

With this new museum extension, Frank Gehry has devised an unforgettable space to honour the art housed within. Attention to the core issue of the pleasure of art viewing is palpable throughout thanks to the amount of natural light and transparency that permeate the extension.

Happy to define his recent creation as “a real Frank Gehry building”, the architect nonetheless commented on the hard nature of remodelling an existing structure, as the gallery has since its opening in 1900 seen many extension with the latest designed by Barton Myers in 1993.

Laura Salmi

Key Facts

Status Completed
Value 218(m€)
Were you involved in this scheme?
Gehry Partners LLP

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