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A-House-A, Calgary, Canada

Wednesday 12 Nov 2008

This house was brought to you by the letter 'A'

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28/07/11 Frederick, Los Angeles
A questionabl architectural experiment in the wrong place. He has spoiled the neighbourhood for all the good families who put their life investments in beautiful homes.
28/07/11 Elia, Machiaval
A tasteless blot on the landscape of what is otherwise a beautiful community. The poor neighbors who have to look at it everyday in their lovely cul de sac!
09/06/10 Andriew K, Edmonton
The unsightly, disproportioned backyard structure detracts from and ruins an otherwise spectacular architectural triumph. Why would the architect spoil the loveliness of this reserve with this garish add-on?
02/06/10 Ravine, Calgary
We walk behind this house on the community pathway and wonder why the builder created such an enormous, imposing yellow tent in the backyard. It must be 25 to 30 feet high. This is such a beautiful, treed area. Surely something could have been designed that would have blended in with the natural setting.
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11/08/09 naturelover, Calgary
There is a community in Calgary called the Slopes. As no architectural controls apply, there are many unusual homes built there. Mr. Liptak's home would have been perfect in that community, but it is totally out of character with Spring Willow, where he chose to built it. All the other homeowners were required to comply with strict ACs. Unfortunately, Mr. Liptak's home spoils the ambience of Spring Willow, which otherwise has beautiful family homes that complement, rather than distract from, beautiful reserves and mountain views. The fabric patio covering rises some 20 feet in the air and ruins the beautiful mountain view.
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17/12/08 Annie, Denver, CO
This home is warm, comfortable and offers so many different atmospheres to enjoy depending on the weather. Great for entertaining.

Calgary residence spells out modern living. 

A-House-A is located in new subdivision in Calgary on city lot, on a landscape of rolling hills and valleys. The house is comprised of three architectural components; an 'A' frame glass structure in front, a 'Cube' in the middle, and an open 'A' frame structure over the rear patio.

The nature of Calgary's climate challenged the architect to design "real living" space that can be enjoyed throughout the year. The front of the house was designed to create a pleasant, invitational living / entertainment area with views of existing natural beauty while creating a sense of connection with neighbours.

The 'house-cube' is organised for day and night activities, with the living room and master bedroom extending into terrace / patio visually. Th 'A' frame over the patio is partially covered by fabric to protect it from the elements, an abundance of surrounding aspen trees provides a feeling of privacy and a sense that one is truly in harmony with nature.

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