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Seadrift Residence, Stinson Beach, United States

Friday 07 Nov 2008

Beach house gets ready for global warming

image copyright: Matthew Millman 
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11/11/08 David Dante, Houston
net-zero! Great, I love it. I appreciate the reflective element placed upon the upper cabinate doors. A direct relationship with the site.

Marin Planning Department award platinum rating for eco-efficiancy to California beach house. 

CCS Architecture designed this sustainable beach house in Stinson Beach, CA, as a second home for a San Francisco family. The design follows a rigorous sustainability program; photovoltaic panels generate all the home's electricity, sending surplus energy back to the grid. All the home's systems - hot water, HVAC, and radiant heating - are integrated, electric-based, and powered by the PV panels on the roof. With the exception of a propane tank which powers the cooking range, the home is net-zero in terms of its energy consumption.

In anticipation of rising sea levels, CCS approached the project like building a pier, creating decks that step down to the water. The home's casual, open plan includes a living area that opens completely to large decks in two directions, with an intimate courtyard on the sunny, south side and an L-shaped deck on the lagoon side to the north. Glass railings allow uninterrupted views to the water and hills beyond, and a generous deck at the water level accommodates swimming and boating.

The interior is zoned into living and bedroom wings. The living room, kitchen and dining spaces comprise the main area while two bathrooms, enclosed with pocket doors, intersperse the three bedrooms for shared and en suite use. Articulated skylights bring in lots of patterned light, and the fire orb rotates to send warmth to the living room or outside to the deck.

While beach houses are often funky, this one is modern and refined yet still casual. A diverse a mix of durable materials includes locally harvested cedar siding, aluminum-framed windows and doors, native cedar ceilings and integral colour concrete floors.

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