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La Vall d'en Joan, Esplugues de LLobregat, Spain

Friday 24 Oct 2008

Until the cows come home...

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Regenerating an urban wasteland 

The landscape restoration project of the controlled dumpsite of “La Vall de’n Joan”, is located in Parc del Garraf within the municipal borders of Begues and Gavà, both in the Baix Llobregat region.

Since 1974 it is used as a rubbish dump not only most of the Barcelona urban waste but also for other cities in the metropolitan area.

Nowadays, it has a size of 60 hectare (600.000 square meters) 20 he (200.000 sq. m.) of which have been restored with the giving up of the dumping activity and the “Restoration project of the controlled dump “La Vall de’n Joan” 1-2 areas and site access”.

The restoration project defines a pattern of topographic configuration with terraces, side slopes, drainage system of internal fluids (separated of the external drainage net), biogas extraction net, pathways and plantation by phases.

The whole restoration project goal is that Parc del Garraf absorb the dump by using the local forest tissue and supporting the establishment of primary ecosystems and its development and succession which thought the time will turn to adapted situations to the site environment. The plantation process is done through strong local species with a few pouring demand and already adapted to the place environment. The vegetal structure planned with different local sorts of shrubs (such as Bardissa, Brolla or Mediterranian Màquia) and trees organizes the plantation project.

Waste Deposit Restoration seeks to return the public use of this area. The proximity to urban areas, access and parking facilities make of it, a well linked side as well as a new entrance or “gate” to Parc Natural del Garraf which is also in connection with the long distance GR pathway.

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