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Urban life, London, United Kingdom 
Thursday 03 May 2007
Pace of urban life increases 
Photography: Sara Mercer 
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New report shows that we are all walking faster 

Conclusive proof has been found that the average city dweller is now walking an average 10% faster than they did in the early nineties. The biggest change has been found in China where rapid industrialisation has meant a huge growth in the number of people living in cities. Recent research has been conducted by the British Council where pedestrians in 109 countries were monitored walking; all the measurements were made on the same day and at the same time on a flat pavement over a length of 60ft. It has led to believe that a very fast pace of life is indicative of a stressful society and can prove unhealthy.

Below are the findings from the study: Fastest walkers:

1. Singapore
2. Copenhagen
3. Madrid
4. Guangzhou (China)
5. Dublin
6. Curitiba (Brazil)
7. Berlin
8. New York
9. Utrecht
10. Vienna

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