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Yoga Deva, Gilbert, United States

Wednesday 08 Oct 2008

Finding your centre in Arizona

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16/02/12 Josiah Steiner, Scottsdale
Yoga Deva is a visionary yoga studio. Shosh and Billy have conceptualized a space to create the true spirit of Hatha Yoga. It is an enlightening place to spend some time in.


New yoga studio in Gilbert, Arizona 

Hatha Yoga is an ancient form of yoga that has been passed down through the ages from the fifteenth century. This practice of yoga encourages students to ‘find their centre’ and one might ponder whether this recently completed centre in Gilbert, Arizona, is where they meant. Yoga Deva's studio, where classes are carried out, is the central focus, figuratively and literally following this mantra.

Visitors entering the school first navigate a slender strip of a hallway. Dimly lit by cove lighting, the hallway has a restful ambience and an immediate calming effect, placing students in the right mood before their lessons. Seating is lined up against the eastern wall made up of walnut veneer wall panels, and faces an aluminium-gilded wall. The sedate material-and-colour combination draws the eye to the electric blue wall at the end of the passageway, tempting visitors to explore the rest of the school.

Their reward is a spacious studio that is flooded with daylight, and where massive inverted vaults running along the ceiling create the illusion of cumulus clouds. Full-length mirrors allow students to observe their movements, as well as magnify the space.

The journey through this sanctuary contains subtle decorative touches to look out for, like a blue mosaic wall and an exquisite potted plant; there are few enough to add personality and colour, not too many as to add clutter. A white statue of Sleeping Buddha adorns a shelf, while a large white sculpture of half a person’s face sits squarely in the dressing room as a table.

Zijia Wong

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