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World Architecture Day 2014
World Architecture Day 2014
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X House, Queretaro, Mexico 
Wednesday 27 Aug 2008
Natural structure 
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30/08/08 Barry O'Connell, Conondale, Qld
Why are so many architects such w**kers? This house has natural structure? What an abuse of bamboo!

Bamboo plants give the X house a strong natural structure and outlook 

A green stained concrete box is surronded by eighty 6 metre tall bamboo plants. It floats above a glass box that contains the public area program. The living room, dinning room, kitchen and services magnify the experience by creating a visual connection with the bamboo plants.

The glass sheets slide through space and transform it into a large covered terrace. Nature, light and air fill the tsalam deck. The room at second floor opens towards north by a double skin. The floor-to-ceiling window and a banac wooden screen slide in order to open the view towards the bamboo plants.

In a 180 sq m site the house seems to float within a small green forest.

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