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Sandwich Plate System floors 
Friday 01 Aug 2008
Engineering first cuts 35% off construction time 
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17/04/12 Peter Loftus, St Helens
Has a high-rise building used SPS floors yet? Also, how does the SPS sandwich panel achieve the necessary 2 hour fire rating?
03/09/08 Russell Gilchrist, Chicago USA
Very interesting article, however, have a question for David Glover (hello David!), i would like to know more about the system and specifically what the issues around fire protection might be to achieve 2 hour fire sepaation between floors/compartments?

Kind regards,

Russell Gilchrist SOM (Chicago)
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Stanhope and Arup's breakthrough study that could rock the commercial construction world 

Groundbreaking construction is soon to commence on a commercial development which could prove in practise the results of a recent study by Stanhope and Arup. Developers Stanhope and engineers Arup ran a study to develop a new commercial building solution, applying practises already in existence within infrastructure, which could reduce construction time by up to 35%.

The Sandwich Plate System (SPS) is a flooring technique which could be used instead of steel or post tensioned concrete. SPS Floors use a structural composite developed by Intelligent Engineering, which comprises two metal plates bonded to a polyurethane core. The floors act compositely with the steel frame and are 75% lighter than concrete. Panels are delivered to site prefabricated and the floors are ready and safe to use as soon as they are secured in position.

The study revealed a 20% reduction in construction time in relation to steel and 35% reduction compared to post tensioned concrete. The system in practise will mean faster construction time, fewer trades and workers needed and a reduction in health and safety problems by reducing the need for wet work above ground.

“In a resource constrained world there is a need for the industry to make the step change necessary to deliver true off-site prefabrication,” said David Glover, Director and head of Arup' s Buildings London group, “There is no doubt that the use of the SPS system provides a first positive step while also enabling us to continue the development towards a fully integrated design, fabrication and delivery process built around our new generation of 3D computer models. This will enable 80% of the building process to be taken offsite and deliver a new generation of lean sustainable buildings that optimise our resources and labour."

Niki May Young
News Editor

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