Duisburg Inner Harbour Zhangjiang Research and Development Park King's Cross regeneration The Cathedral of St John the Baptist Reina Sofia Museum extension Grand Canyon Skywalk
St. Benedict’s Church Governor's Island Atomium Building Four, Liverpool London Library refurbishment Thameslink Station
European Terminal, Barajas Airport New York Criminal Court Complex Royal Observatory, Greenwich Konstantin Melnikov Foresight Report Hessing
Nakagin Capsule Tower Origami Bridge New London Bridge House Donghai Bridge University of Kent at Medway West Mendip Community Hospital
Bluecoats Arts Centre Antigua Airport Yicheng Lengquan Masterplan of Whenzhou Cheng Qiao New Town Lightplanning in Esslingen am Neckar
Royal Museum of Scotland Newcastle International Airport DLR station Airport control tower Vienna Nagakin Tower Private House, Southwark
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