Private House 80 Apartment Building for the EMV Snowden House Dubai Towers Pittsburg RiverParc Serpents Tower
The Micheels House Grand Hyatt Hotel & mixed use development Hamilton House Tianjin Binhai New Area Master Plan DAMAC Ocean Heights The Legs
Larch House A House for a Butcher and an Art Denizen Samsara The Clovelly House Wave House Bondi Gabbie House
Nazareth House Sky borne building Element 10 2CDE Passive House 103 Greenwood Road
Intersection House Puri Ibu Villa "Ferrari" Residence for Ashok Patel at Ahmedabad 8 Millsborough Crescent Rowe lane House
Leijser House Aatrial House Hill House Ballynoe Premier Lac du Nord Metro-West Boston Home
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