Cedro House Villa DVT V12K0102 Naust paa Aure Private Residence, Currumbin Eco Village Liverton Hill House
Keyhole House WAN AWARDS Colour in Architecture 2011 OpArt Bishan Central Condominium WAN AWARDS 2011 - Colour in Architecture KK100
Ellis Residence EXPO City Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County Yuhang Courtyard Maze Science Town at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Master Plan for Old Harbour
PhX caseXcase Fayetteville 2030: Transit City Scenario Waterpoint City 25 Hurst Avenue $300 House Open Design Challenge 54-57 Great Marlborough Street
Architect BarbieĀ® Kaohsiung Port Station Urban Design Competition Kingdom Tower Redelco Residence Armstrong Place Family + Senior Housing King's Reach Tower
GC Campden Hill LLP Student Accommodation Development R432 Denver Justice Center Tripoli Congress Center New City Hall and Concert Hall
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