Inverted Warehouse/Townhouse Greater Nodia Housing House on the Dunes Compact and Green Apartment Building 200 Eleventh Avenue The Vertical Medina
House at Corcovado Hillside Toull Ar Soner Glass Loggia House Gindi Heights The Birdcage La Caracola
Law Street House JKC1 House at Msasani Casa Bosques The Dune House Mountain cabin in Laternser Valley
SA Residence Villa Roces Aldrich Residence Salter Point Jõekaare Residential Tower Apartments Dar es salaam HMAS Creswell Griffiths House
The DI-VA House Norwegian Wood Crystal Gardens Eco-Sustainable House Villa Rotterdam Sensualscaping
Trunk House Unite Student Housing Townhouse with studio in Zurich Spa House Ramachandran Residence House and swimming pool K
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