Boustred House N4+ House Annalisa and Peter Zumthor’s Timber Houses Old Bearhurst Kings Grove Shipping Container Homes
Under Pohutukawa Maza House Shore House Sunken House Seacliff House The View at 1212 Hunter
Laguna Beach House Alpine House Salterns Way Hut on Sleds Psychiko House Park Road
The Retreat Peruri 88 Solar Carve Tower 50 United Nations Plaza Walker Tower Linear Park at Embassy Gardens
Kuntsevo Centre 3-7 Fitzjohn’s Avenue Water Street Revitalization Riverview at Clendenin School Szucha 6 Redevelopment 192 Water Street
American Legion Veterans Housing Project Little Willy The Remington Centre Cadogan Corner HANEGI G-House Chengdu Megli the Celadon
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