Sacred Heart Medical Centre at River Bend Ruskin Square Queensland Brain Institute City Quay Marie Curie Hospice The Petchey Academy
Golden Jubilee National Hospital Entrance Maggie's Cancer Centre Department of Health Services Kiev Hospital Renfrew Health and Social Work Centre Royal Children’s Hospital
New University Hospital The Barkantine West Stockwell Primary Care and Community Resource Centre Mortuary & Post Mortem Suite And Laundry Development At St. James Hospital West Stockwell Primary Care and Community Resource Centre Penoyre & Prasad
University Hospital of Santa Chiara Westlake/Terry Building The Birmingham Children's Hospital Burns Unit Alexandra Hospital ABC Cancer Center CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind)
Grossmont Hospital Addition Tullamore Hospital Bon Secours Hospital & Chapel Capital Health System New Mercer Hospital Moorfields Eye Hospital Sidra Medical and Research Centre
Southeast Regional Treatment Center Robin House Children's Hospice Biosciences Innovation Centre UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School - University Hospital Cancer Center Prototype Conceptual Design The Maggie's Centre
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