Atlas Building - University of Wageningen James A. Michener Museum Thurles Arts Centre & Library Redbrook Hayes Primary School The National Mountain Centre Centre for Collaborative Construction Research
Jennie Lee Building, Walton Hall Campus Westminster Kingsway College Taiwan National Performing Arts Centre Tor Vergata University Laika Film Animation Campus University Library
Jubilee Campus Expansion New Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) Robin House Children's Hospice Thor Site Biosciences Innovation Centre Chongqing Library
Edinburgh Telford College Museum of Contemporary Art Rutgers University Duke University Yale University Art Gallery Deakin University Central Precinct
Genome Research Building Middlesborough College German School in Richmond 399 Edgware Road Medical Library, University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center Princeton University
School of Economics - Diego Portales University The Glass-House Community Led Design Massachusetts Institute of Technology London Business School University of Western Sydney Cornell University Milstein
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