MODUPOD MolES Building, University of Washington Applied Sciences Campus China Central Intelligence Valley Dulwich College Science Building Future Proofing Schools Competition
Tianjin Library Natural History Museum in Utah Earthen School Tipu Sultan Merkez Jørn Utzon workshop Energy Systems and Nuclear Science Research Centre Essex Business School
Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, University of British Columbia Exeter College’s Third Quadrangle Sikh Grammar School Australia Paris PARC Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence, Algonquin College Bournville College
Education Faculty of HAN University of Applied Sciences Battery-Powered Building, The University of California ECOWAN AWARDS 2012 Flanders Business School Antwerpen Primetime Jacobs Engineering acquires KlingStubbins
Dean vacancy at Illinois Institute of Technology Redding School of the Arts Kuggen MacQuarie University Library Engineering Department Workshops, University of Leicester Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy High School
The Edmonton Clinic North – University of Alberta Multisports and multipurpose complex School of Pharmacy (Waterloo University) Coventry University Hub Chinese Culture University Dormitory & Study Center New Biochemistry, University of Oxford
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