T30 Hotel Atasehir Tower Origami Building 150 Holborn South Quarter Ad Astra Tower
Police Building Crystal Gardens Scotts Tower Federal Center South Redevelopment Marine and World Heritage Centre 'Wachau' Saint Xavier Tower Complex
Mixed-Use Development, Raffles City, Bahrain Bamboo Chocolate Factory Guangfa Securities Headquarter Towers Mixed-Use Complex 21st Century Oasis B2 Residential Tower
Commercial Building IKEA headquarters and hotel Akademia Park Officium Hungarian Autoklub Headquarters The Belle Grande Suites Showroom Live Work Home
Ensemble de bureaux Zac Seguin Warsaw Office Tower Shenzhen Archive Towers Xian Quijing Daming Palace Mixed-Use Project Envision Hong Cheng Plaza
123 Albert Street Broadgate Beijing CBD Plot Z15 Futako Tamagawa Marina Mall House of Vestas
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