DDB Singapore Grand Park Orchard Ropemaker Place Plazarte BizBox - Solar Powered Mobile Building WAN AWARDS Commercial Sector 2011
Urban Paradox Riverbank House Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space Colour Case Study #4 Bar Code shopping centre New Chairman of the CTBUH
Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Centre The Wharf Parliament Building of the German Speaking Community Siódemka Hansteel Headquarters Longxi International Hotel
Paris Buisiness Centre Connect-Inn American Express Community Stadium Shop and Trade Mixed Use Development The Culture Yard GUODIAN Ningxia Solar Co. Ltd Office Building
Myer Melbourne Redevelopment Rocksalt Restaurant Park Avenue Armory TuboHotel Trollwall Restaurant Embassy compound for the US government in Ouagadougou
Riviera TwinStar Square Sportime/John McEnroe Tennis Academy Joe's Café Administration Building No. 5 - Roche Diagnostics Inc. Danish architects lead the way in maximising building potential Invest AD Tower
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