Synthesis Design + Architecture Marc Casany Estrada Rojkind Arquitectos Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects ikon.5 architects Sanjay Puri Architects
Local Architectural Network GDPE Landmark Building Bercy Chen Studio Parque de Investigacion Innovacion y Tecnologica LH - Korean Land + Housing Corporation Graciastudio
African Union Headquarters Pacific Dream Plaza Central Bank of Iraq Headquarters One World Trade Center KPMG Headquarters Jameson House
D-hotel Banana Island Siemens Middle East Headquarters East-Side-City Trump Tower Manila Shopping Centre in Al Ahsa
Nestlé Chocolate Factory The Garden and the Tower: The OIC Headquarters Hangar Business Park One Lansdowne Road Blue Sky Building Project The Banyan Eco Hotel and Spa
Suzhou Center Kampala Tower Cilandak Bisnis Square T30 Hotel Atasehir Tower Origami Building
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